About Us

Over a decade ago a small group of university students who were enamoured with Japanese animation created AICON or the Anime Island Convention.
Held originally at the University of Tasmania it soon grew out of control and moved to Wrest Point and began to incorporate video game content.

In time a second event was spawned called MAICON (Mini AICON) to service fans in the northern sections of Tasmania.

As movies like Avengers: End Game and TV shows like Game of Thrones now rule the world it became obvious that a new event should emerge that takes into account the vast world of media and hobbies outside of anime and gaming (while still keeping those on board of course).

Thus TasPop was born, running equally in both the North and the South it aims to build an even bigger community and a more amazing pop culture experience than anyone on our little island has ever experienced before!

The dates and venue for TasPop North and TasPop South are not yet public but will be announced very shortly along with pricing and accessability details.

If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsor of the TasPop events an information pack will be available very soon, but you can contact us at contact@taspop.org.au or via our Facebook page.

Our Current Committee

Cammie Mile

Vice-President and Content Coordinator
Matthew “Mowen” Owen

Treasurer and Ticketing Coordinator
Cloe Wells

Peter Scarlett

Games Coordinator
Bec Kerrison

Jerome Phelps

Social Media/Marketing
Olivia Hawke

Mel Lann

Volunteer Coordinator
Aidan Greener

Through the Year Coordinator
Natalie Hill

Artist Coordinator
Naomi Wolfert

Jake G. Girolamo