TasPop North

TasPop North is here and it’s time to get excited!

The official date for TasPop North is the 28th of September 2019 from 10am to 5pm.

The venue for TasPop North is The Tramsheds Function Centre at 4 Invermay Rd, Launceston TAS 7248.

Tickets available now!

Apply to be a vendor at TasPop North here!

Video Games

The electronic marvel has been a major part of life since the 1970s and while it can sometimes feel like a solo experience we hope to build a solid gaming community and expose new comers to to the hits of yesteryear while letting hardened gamers compete for glory! TasPop will feature free play gaming areas filled with the newest HD gaming consoles as well as a selection of retro classics that adults can look back on fondly while the younger generation can see the inspiration behind the current blockbusters.

Tournaments and esports will also be front and centre of TasPop, challenging all comers to find out who has the skill to be crowned Gaming Champion of the Island.
If you have ever wondered what goes into making video games TasPop will feature the Tasmanian Game Developers Conference where indie developers will be out demonstrating their locally produced games, chat with fans and other creators and host workshops on getting started in the industry.


While Avengers: Endgame rules the box office, the origins of the characters and stories come from the printed pages of humble comic books.
TasPop will host local Tasmanian comic artists who will do live comic drawing demonstrations, critique and give advice to novice creators and run comic workshops on things like coming up with your own super hero, laying out comic pages and getting your product published.
But its not all about producing comics; we will have vendors on hand where you can search and buy that last issue you need to finish your collection, a free to read comic book library to chill out as well as seminars on comic history and collecting.


The pop culture of today is heavily inspired by the visual medium of TV and Film so what better way to celebrate it but to have a dedicated screening area showing the best TV shows.
Everything from classic sci-fi shows that weaved old fashioned special effects into stories full of futuristic wonder, animation both from yesteryear and the new cartoons making a mark on today’s society and anime from Japan that that bleeds both unparalleled realism and fantastic portrayals.


With the infinite worlds found in pop culture come along and infinite world of merchandise, clothes and artwork.
We have invited vendors from all around to bring their awesome wares to TasPop for attendees to be able to hunt down super rare collectable pieces, figures or plushies from their favourite franchises, replica props or clothing that seem straight from another world and one of a kind art pieces from local and renown artists.

Table Top Gaming

While the phrase board game might instantly make mousetrap creep into your head, the world of board gaming is vastly bigger than you may imagine.
Games that require strategy, cunning and more than a few dice will be available to play and learn in our free play gaming area where you can cut your teeth and make new friends.
But the world of table top extends beyond board games with come and learn card game, war gaming and role playing session where you can learn about collectable competitive games such as Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40K and how to construct your own fantasy worlds in Dungeons and Dragons. If you have already mastered these skills then prove yourselves in our card and war gaming tournaments and show the Island who has the best painted men in town!

Live Acts

Love and passion for pop culture have inspired many other art forms to take shape around it. From musical acts to dance troupes and plays to game shows; we will open our stage to performers to entertain and delight the audience!


To experience pop culture is one thing, to learn its deepest machinations and learn for yourself how to produce it from a variety of journeymen and experts is taking it to a whole other level!
Whether you want to learn the skills of creating the perfect D&D campaign, how to master the art of painting miniatures with precision, how to write a script for the next blockbuster movie or starting using video game development tools such as Unity or Unreal odds are we’ll have something to tickle that inner creator.


What once was an activity for the truly dedicated is now open and accessible to the entire population, and we love seeing the passion for your favourite character bloom into your TasPop formal attire!
Come dressed as your favourite character and enjoy the day taking photos, entering our cosplay competition and meeting other fans.

If you don’t feel confident just yet we will have plenty of information and activities such as workshops on sewing, prop building and crafting replica armour. You will be a master in no time.
Or just come along in plain dress and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a world where characters come to life in our own community.