Art Competition

Amazing colours, striking line work, placement, composition, imagination and beauty!There is nothing better than great artwork and we want to see what the artists of Tasmania have to offer. Introducing the TasPop North Art Competition supported by Manga Arts, where we challenge you to come up with your best original piece of art to delight the attendees of TasPop North and be in the running to win an amazing drawing supplies prize pack from Manga Arts!

All you have to do is create an original piece of artwork, whether that be pen or paint onto physical paper, a digital model or drawing, a sculpture or canvases. Once you have your art done please enter your details into the Google Form linked at the bottom of this page and upload your art file or images thereof. You can also submit a physical copy on the day along with your details.The art will be displayed in the TasPop North art corner in the Games & Arts Room. The due date for digital art submission is midnight the 26th of September to allow for printing, after this date you must print your own art and submit in person on the day. There is both an under 16 category and an over 16 category.

  • Art can be of anything from images of landscapes, characters or experimental compositions.
  • Although fan art is accepted your art needs to be unique and not be a reproduction of an existing art piece.
  • The art submitted by an artist must be 100% the artist’s own work. No collaborations or use of other’s art within your own piece.
  • Multiple entries from the same artist will be accepted.
  • TasPop North is a family friendly event so images need to be family friendly. No gore, overtly sexual content or content that is likely to offend.
  • Art may be of any size or dimensions but will be scaled down and printed on A4 on the day so please keep that in mind.
  • Although the Art Competition is a public vote, TasPop Executives reserve the right to final say.
  • Any art not collected by the end of the day may be discarded by TasPop. Please advise us if you are unable to pick up your artwork for any reasons so we are able to make other arrangements.
  • By submitting your art you give TasPop the right to use your work on our website or social media as a form of advertisement for the Art Competition and related events and in future promotions.
  • All art must be the artist’s own work, no collaborations or use of existing art within the piece. Fan art of existing characters or worlds are acceptable as long as they are drawn in the artists own style and composition, we will not accept reproductions of existing artwork. Art must be rated PG for a general audience. Art most not depict excessive gore or sexualised content, art may depict fictional religions, deities or customs but must not depict real world religion or concepts. Art must not contain content that could be deemed to be offensive to any racial group, sexuality, lifestyle or political stance.TasPop Executive will have final say over the winner in the case of issues in the voting.You will not receive back any physical entries submitted to the art competition.By entering the contest you give TasPop all rights to reproduce your work on our social media or websites and use your work in future TasPop events and promotions

Online Submissions

Submit your artwork at the following Link: