The Auction at TasPop North is one of the best places to find a new home for all of your well-loved paraphernalia. Why throw out your old wall scrolls, manga or cosplays when you can give them to someone who’ll love them just as much as you did, and make some money in the process?

To enter your goods, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions below, and then fill out the form linked at the very bottom of this page! For any further questions, send us an Email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Terms & Conditions

Pre-Registering Auction Lots

  1. There have been allocated 85 lots for pre-registered items.
  2. All auction entries must be submitted via the web form available below. These entries will be manually reviewed to make sure they are appropriate for the auction, and a reply will be sent within approximately 72hrs.
  3. Registration will close on 20/09/2019 or when all lots for their respective days have been filled, whichever occurs first.
  4. Auction Lots considered to be inappropriate for ages under 15 years of age will not be accepted into the General Auction. This includes any excessive gore, nudity, or explicit sexual content.
    1. Live Steel items are no longer accepted in TasPop auctions.
  5. An individual vendor may submit no more than five (5) lots.
    1. Any number of items can be placed into a single lot, but will be sold as one lot and will have less time devoted to showcasing each individual item to the audience.
  6. Details required for each submission include seller’s name (as it appears on ID), seller’s mobile number, and seller’s email address (this will be the only form of communication in the lead up to the convention). In addition to this each lot requires a name, starting price, description (please include relevant details such as DVD region, quality of Item/s, Viewer’s Rating etc) and if the item is a bootleg or not.
    1. Anyone found to be intentionally mislabelling items (such as selling bootlegs as legitimate items, labelling a faulty item as working etc) will be banned from submitting lots to future TasPop Auctions and, depending on the severity, may be banned from future TasPop events.
  7. Starting Price must be in whole dollar amounts (for example $4.00, $20.00, etc.). Any item handed in without a Starting Price will be assigned a Starting Price of two dollars ($2.00).
  8. There will be NO RESERVE PRICE for items. This is to ease time constraints and reduce exaggerated expectations of winning bids. Starting Price may be adjusted with the Auction Coordinator’s permission when handing in items.
  9. All Pre-Registered Lots will be collected into a Catalogue, which will be posted on the TasPop website before the festival’s start for the public to view ahead of the festival.
  10. All items once handed in will be stored by TasPop volunteers. TasPop is not held responsible for the condition or security of Auction items.
  11. Absolutely NO lots will be taken on the day, no exceptions. Lots will be taken by pre-registration only.
  12. To submit items to the Auction you must be at least 15 years of age at (or before) September 28th 2019. You must also be able to provide appropriate photo ID, as this will be used to verify your identity when collecting your earnings and any unsold items.
    1. Your photo ID must be shown when submitting your items on the day, and must match the name used in the lot submission form. Your ID type and number will then be recorded, and the same ID must be shown in order to collect money from your lots and any unsold items. Only the person who owns the ID will be able to collect money and unsold items using it.

During the Auction

  1. Auction Lots will be sold in roughly the order of Lot Number given in the Auction Catalogue.
  2. The Auction Coordinator may withdraw Auction Lots from sale at any time. This will be most likely due to bootleg or inappropriate merchandise handed in.
  3. Bids for Auction Lots at the Auction will be only in whole dollar amounts.
    1. The Auctioneer will refuse any bid not of a whole dollar amount.
    2. The assumed bidding raise will be a minimum of five dollars ($5.00), except in circumstances where the bid has not yet risen above twenty dollars ($20.00). If the bid is currently below twenty dollars ($20.00) the minimum bid will be one dollar ($1.00).
    3. These rules may be ignored by the Auctioneer for the purpose of comedic effect, but are otherwise fully enforceable.
  4. To bid, buyers should raise hand when the Auctioneer announces the highest bid.
    1. Should any buyer wish to bid above the highest bid by more than one dollar ($1.00), please announce in a loud voice the new high bid (whole dollar amount only). Auction staff may not be able to hear you clearly.
    2. Should multiple bids occur simultaneously, the Auctioneer will declare the highest amount screamed out to be the new highest bid.
  5. The winning bid will be recorded by Auction Staff after the Auctioneer says “Sold.”
  6. Starting prices may not be adjusted during the Auction. Any item that is unsold during the Auction will be returned to the Seller and not relisted/reopened for bidding later.
  7. In the event of a dispute concerning a bid, the Auctioneer may re-submit the Auction Lot for sale at the last undisputed bid.
  8. The Auctioneer will not accept any bid after the property has been sold to a successful bidder.

Collecting Purchased Items and Winnings at the Auction

  1. When a winning bid is announced for an item, the winning bidder must immediately stand so they can be easily seen. They must remain standing until they have received both their item and any change from Auction Staff. In the case of large or bulky items the buyer must pick up the item before the close of that day’s Auction.
  2. Exact amounts are preferred, as change may not be available or will be delayed.
    1. As of right now, only CASH will be accepted as payment.
  3. Sellers may pick up their earnings and/or unsold items NO SOONER THAN half an hour after the close of the TasPop Auction from the Information Desk (ANY early sellers will be turned away by Information Desk Staff). This allows time for Auction Staff to calculate each person’s earnings. Photo ID will be required to collect your earnings and unsold items, and must match the Photo ID shown when items were handed in.
    1. If, for any reason, you are unable to collect money or items at the convention alternate arrangements must be made within the fortnight after the event. Money and items left unclaimed after this date will become property of TasPop.
    2. Seller’s will also be required to sign a register to confirm all earnings and items have been collected.
  4. TasPop will not sell unsold/returned items at the Information Desk. Any such arrangements will be made between Sellers and prospective buyers.
  5. TasPop will charge a service fee of 10% (rounded to the nearest whole dollar) of the final sale price of each lot. This fee will come from the money being held for collection by the Seller.
  6. For more information or to clarify any of these terms, please contact our Auction Coordinator at with “ATT: Auction Coordinator 2019” in the subject line.

Submission Form

To submit your lots, fill out the form here with all relevant information after reading the Terms & Conditions, and be sure to send us an Email at if you have any further questions!