Cosplay Competition

The TasPop Cosplay competition is a showcase of amazing Cosplays where entrants can compete in a number of categories to win fabulous prizes and earn recognition for all of their hard work! There are awards ranging from best constructed to whoever represents a character best- and there’s loads of fun to be had watching the contestants strut their stuff on the grand stage in one of TasPop North’s biggest events.

Come along and see all of the colourful costumes on full display as a part of the audience, as well as get involved in the Fan favourites on the day, and the under 10’s competitions for the next generation of cosplayers!

The Entry form can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Categories you can enter are as follows

Best Overall

Awarded to the most outstanding competitor across all fields in Cosplay. Competitors will be judged on costume, presentation, character accuracy and execution.

Best Constructed

Awarded to the most outstanding competitor who has hand-made and/or built the majority of their costume. Entries will be judged higher in respect to the quality and percentage of cosplay that is hand-made. Competitors that received help from others are still eligible but must declare all outside help. Failure to do so can lead to disqualification.

This year we’re dividing Constructed this into two categories to give contestants a chance to be graded against those in a similar style.
We will be awarding prizes to:

Best Sewn/Textiles:
For those sewing machine whiz’s out there, this your chance to shine. Show off your most intricately hand-sewn details or delicate choices in fabric.

Best Armour:
For those of us that prefer a heat gun and glue to the sorcery that is fabric and thread. (There are no rules about having to use a heat gun or glue, all types of armour accepted!)

Best Characterization

Awarded to the best portrayal of character. Competitors will be judged on their ability to embody the character they’re cosplaying.

Best In Theme

Awarded to the best cosplay that relates to this year’s theme of ‘Transformation’. Competitors will be judged on their costume and/or how well the character relates to the theme.

New Blood

Awarded to the best first-time Cosplay competition participant. Those entering this category must acknowledge that they have never entered any other Cosplay Competitions around Australia.

Best Skit

Awarded to the most entertaining skit performance. Competitors will be judged on time management, character accuracy, entertainment value and execution.

Best Group

Awarded to the best and most well polished group. Competitors will be judged on how well the characters relate to each other, their costumes, character accuracy and character interaction.

Please be advised that all cosplays entering any category other than Best Skit must be handmade or modified by over 50% of the complete costume. Any purchased costumes entering Best Skit must state so on their registration form and will not be judged on costume.

People entering the Cosplay portion of the competition must be a pre-existing character, not an original creation, the intent of the costume must recreate the character you are portraying, fan arts are a valid representation and will be allowed subject to organizers discretion. 

All entrants must be appropriately attired as TasPop North is a PG event, any entry found to not be in these regulations will be immediately removed from the competition. If you’re unsure if your outfit is appropriate please don’t hesitate to send us a message on social media or email us at


Before registering, you must read and agree to the cosplay rules and regulations.

All Entries are to be made through this form, after reading and agreeing to the rules within:

If you have any further queries or questions, be sure to send them to