Cosplay Rules and Regulations

Please ensure that you read, and understand the following rules and regulations before completing your application form.

These rules are in place for the safety of yourself and others around you.

To apply, please check out this page: TasPop North Cosplay

1. Entry Form

1.1. To enter the Cosplay Event you must first complete the entry form (displayed after agreeing to TasPop North’s Cosplay rules and regulations).

1.2. There will be no on-the-day registration for this event.

1.3. Entrants participating in the ”Best Group” category cannot enter individually in any other category.

1.4. Honesty is required in regards to entering the New Blood category; any entries found to have entered a previous Cosplay Competition may be removed or banned from future competitions.

2. Costume Limitations & Guidelines

2.1. All participants costumes under the cosplay sections must be at least 50% handmade or modified.

2.2. Pre-made pieces such as shoes and wigs are accepted without penalty.

2.3. Bought cosplay costumes are only eligible for the ”Best Skit” and “Best Characterisation” categories and participants in these categories will not be judged on costume.

2.4. Cosplay costumes must be of pre-existing characters only, no original characters.

2.5. Depending on the severity, costumes that are too revealing, highly sexualised or promote illegal activity, may result in being asked to change and withdraw from the competition. Refusal to these terms can result in you being removed from the convention without refund. Please discuss with the coordinator if you think that your costumes falls under these conditions.

2.6. Sharp objects, metal, excessive amounts of shedding glitter or wet paint/liquid of any sort may be withdrawn if it poses a threat of injury or stain/damage to the venue. Please discuss with the coordinator if you feel your costume falls under this condition.

2.7. Costumes that have won any category from any Australian Cosplay Competition will not be eligible to enter this competition. Any entries found to have won in another competition prior to this one will be barred from further participation in future competitions.

3. Prop and Weapon Limitations & Guidelines

3.1. Under NO circumstances will real weaponry or firearms be permitted, including official replicas and blunt steel.

3.2. Wooden weapons, both handmade and bought, will be subject to coordinator’s discretion. Please contact the coordinator to discuss whether or not your weapon can be permitted.

3.3. NO metal allowed; the only circumstance in which metal may be allowed is selectively during the Cosplay Competition at the coordinator’s discretion (after the competition the weapon will be cloaked for the remaining time of the convention).

3.4. All weapons, replicas and props must be handled responsibly. Anyone failing to show control of their weapon/prop or is found generally misusing there weapon/prop in a dangerous way will be asked to cloak their weapon for the remainder of the competition.

3.5. Projectile weaponry must have a bright red, yellow or orange tip in line with legal handling of props and weapons.

3.6. NERF guns may be permitted as props for the Cosplay Competition only, at the coordinators discretion, and must not be aimed at any attendees at any time.

4. Skit Requirements & Guidelines

This section is only applicable to entrant in the ‘Best Skit’ category.

4.1. All skits have a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If your skit exceeds this time limit you will be abruptly cut short, so please ensure that your skit is well rehearsed and under the time limit.

4.2. There will be NO extra time allowances. This is in response to the increased level or skill showcased in previous years’ skit entries and matches the standards of our neighbouring mainland conventions.

4.3. Ensure you fill out the ‘Best Skit’ section of the entry form correctly; failure to do so will result in your entry being refused.

4.4. Skits must be rated PG, and may not contain foul language, sexual references, inappropriate body language, drug references or anything promoting illegal or adult content. Failure to comply with this rule may result in forced removal from the stage. If you’re unsure, please get in contact with us.

4.5. Any props or weapons used during the performance must be used responsibly. Please ensure all actions performed during your performance do not endanger others around you or yourself. Some actions will not be permitted if deemed too dangerous.

File Requirements:

We recommend the highest quality for all file types to ensure things are displayed crisply, audio is heard well and is understood. Below are some of our recommendations!

For audio
– No more than 2 channel audio (Mono or stereo only)
– Encoded files between (and including) 128 kbps and 320 kbps
– Recorded audio sample size 16-bit
– Audio files normalized

For video
– Same rules apply from audio
– H.264, WMV9 (or higher), DivX or XVid compression
– Video resolution can be between 640 x 480 (480p) to 1920 x 1080 (1080p), the higher the quality of your video, the better it will play
– Video sample size 24-bit
– Frame rate either 30 fps or no less than 20 fps
– Video bitrate should be no more than 2.5mbps or no less than 1mbps
– Video NOT interlaced

5. On-the-day Requirements

5.1. All entries will be required to assemble in the theatre at the specified time (which will be emailed out in advance to the day of the event); failure to do so will result in a disqualification unless discussed with the coordinator well in advance.

5.2. Those entering in the ‘Best Skit’ category may get the opportunity to rehearse their skit if they arrive at the assembly point early enough and with time allowing.

6. Questions from the Judges

Upon entering the theatre prejudging will begin. All questions judges have regarding your costume will be asked in this time and NOT on stage.

It is up to a judges discretion to speak while the contestant is on stage, as an example, they may choose to do this if there’s a particularly impressive part of your costume they want the audience to see.

7. Legal Reminder

7.1. TasPop will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misconduct, damages, injuries or death resulting from the actions of any TasPop North attendees. Any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct by any attendee will be not be tolerated by TasPop or local authorities.

7.2. Please use your best judgment and discretion by refraining from swinging weapons or props around during the Cosplay Event, as there is always the possibility of injuring other festival attendees.