Games & Arts Room

The Games & Arts room is the perfect place for people to visit for a little competitive play or a creative workout! Head in and check out the games both old and new for free play all throughout the day, join in on a Tournament, try your hand at D&D, check out some local Game Devs, play some TCGs, or just relax and leave a doodle in the Arts Corner! There’s plenty to be seen and done in the Games & Arts Room- just be sure to check the schedules so you don’t miss out on that hot-blooded tourney finale!

Video Games

Take a journey down memory lane and have a look at what Retro titles we have to offer for free-play and relive your childhood, or try something completely new with the most recent generation of consoles! There is plenty to choose from in the Games room, and games are free to access for everyone, including a lot of multiplayer titles that make for an excellent wind-down in the bustle of the day.

You can also join in on Tournaments (with prizes!) for titles such as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Soul Calibur VI, and other popular competitive multiplayer games. (Including a few old classics!) Competition is sure to be heated, so be certain to bring your A-game!

Check out the Timetable and which Games will have a Tournament here!

We also have the exclusive offer to local Indie Game Developers of a chance to show off their work to the public, with their own space and time to address the room. For those interested, contact us at and send us your details! (Limitations depending on Rating.) 

Dungeons & Dragons

In the wake of media phenomenons such as The Adventure Zone and Critical Role, Wizard of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons has never been more popular and easy to access! During the day we will have a number of learn-to-play oneshots running in the Games & Arts room, which will run for about one hour each.

You don’t need any prior knowledge, experience, characters, or dice- just show up on the day and roll for initiative!

Interest can be registered ahead of session times on the day. We encourage you to do this to book your spot; especially if you want to play with friends, as spots are highly limited!

TCGs and Handhelds

There will be dedicated space for both Trading Card Games and Handheld consoles, where people can relax, play some games, trade some Pokemon or have a friendly battle; and just generally hangout with their fellow trainers and friends!

Arts Corner

Now located in the same space as the Games Room, the Arts Corner is more accessible than ever before! An excellent spot to wind down and relax while letting your artistic talents flow. Join in the giant TasPop North Collaboration, make a doodle of your own, or enter one of the categories for our Art Competition! Look for more info on our Art Competition page.

There will be plenty of artwork from both on the day and through the year up on the wall- so be sure to come along and check them out at some point during the day’s festivities.