Panels & Demonstrations

Do you have a burning passion for a particular topic? Do you want to explain things like Star Wars or the Marvel Universe to an interested audience? Or maybe you want to battle it out over which is better, sub or dub?

Perhaps you want to show off your well-honed skills. Are you part of a group that specialises in martial arts? Or maybe you want to show off your practiced medieval fighting skills? Maybe you have a knack for finer things such as tea ceremonies or calligraphy?

Then holding a panel or cultural demonstration at TasPop North may be for you! Fill out our application form linked at the bottom of the page to express your interest today.

What is a Panel?

A panel is a presentation which seeks to inform the audience on a particular topic. They may take the form of presentations, lectures, ‘meet the characters’ sessions, interviews, and Q&A’s, among other things. Topics can range from anime and manga, cosplay, video games, popular television programs, web series, or even industry related topics such as production, licensing, or distribution of various media.

All panels will be provided either a 30 minute or 1 hour time slot. Please plan your panel to run at least 5 minutes under your allotted time, to allow time for set-up time between presentations.

What is a Demonstration?

A demonstration is a performance of a cultural practice, tradition, or physical activity in either an open or enclosed setting. Examples of past cultural demonstrations include martial arts, sword fighting, dancing, LEGO creations, and tea ceremonies, among others.

Length of Cultural Demonstrations are to be determined between the coordinator and demonstrators.

Rules, Terms and Conditions

  • All general rules, terms and conditions regarding TasPop North and other TasPop events apply in regards to panels and cultural demonstrations.
  • All material provided on the application form must be accurate (as of submission).
  • The final selection of Panelists and Demonstrators will be eligible for free entry into TasPop on the day. (Please note that this may not apply in regards to entry for additional persons assisting with panels or cultural demonstrations.)
  • The TasPop Committee reserves the right to refuse or terminate a panel or demonstration at any stage, for any reason.
  • Panels and Demonstrations may be terminated due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: containing material that is considered hateful, inflammatory, or damaging; presenting nudity or sexual content, real or animated; endorsing acts or activities that are illegal or morally questionable.
  • Any mature content must be indicated on the provided form. Failure to do so will result in repercussions and potential termination, as outlined above.
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions after agreement may result in action being taken, up to and including exclusion from future TasPop events.

The application form for Panels and Demonstrations can be found here

Applications close September 18th. Please direct any questions to the Panels and Demonstrations Coordinator at